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Racecourse Markets are always seeking and welcoming;

New stallholders, Entertainment, Musicians, Specialty Acts and Performers, Workshops Hosts, Influencers and more.

If you would like to enquire or apply please follow the links below.

Apply to become a Stallholder

Racecourse Markets is not just a 'Farmers Market' but has been labelled an 'ESSENTIAL SERVICE' for our COMMUNITY.

We encourage all LOCAL'S including (but not limited to) farmers, growers, boutique business who specialize in Artisan Cheeses, Breads, Sweets and all other homemade goods to showcase & sell their goods at our Market!

Still interested? Please read inclusions, costs and terms and conditions by clicking on the tab below.

Street Performer Playing Guitar
Guitar Player

Any other type of entertainment or service

Includes but not limited to:

Entertainment, Musicians, Specialty Acts, Performers, Workshops Hosts, Buskers, Influencers, rides and more

Apply to be apart of our market
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