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Terms & Conditions

as of 28 October, 2022

The terms and conditions are part of an agreement between Gold Coast Turf Club Limited (Market Management) and approved stallholders at a farmers market retailing primary produce and derivatives. The aim of the market is to provide a profitable outlet for stallholders by serving the Gold Coast.

Aquis Park: Home of the Gold Coast Turf Club and Event Centre
Racecourse Drive, Bundall QLD 4217

Every Sunday morning except during certain Major Events
which will be listed on our website with plenty of notice.
Approximately 50 weeks of the year.
Operation Times  ~
Bump-in - 4:00am
Trading Hours - 6:30am - 12:00noon
Bump Out - 12:15pm
Last Market Vehicle offsite - 1:30pm

Weekly fees are paid by Wednesday in advance via EFT.
Events outside our control may result in a change in fees.
Fees are based on a 3x3 gazebo selling area.

$55.00 inclusive of gst per stall/site required


Free selling space until further notice

Available on Application
(does not include 3-phase power)

The market’s objective is to provide a long-term legal and profitable venue for stallholders with product variety, exposure and healthy competition.
A Stallholder may only sell products that have been approved by Market Management and as listed on the Stallholders application form. To add new products, permission must be sought from Market Management, who may add or subtract approval from time to time.
No stallholder is guaranteed exclusivity for their product. In all things, being fair and reasonable is the intention.

Markets operate in open air conditions and stallholders must be prepared to operate in adverse weather conditions. Market Management will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury resulting from adverse weather conditions.
Market location is under the directive of Market Management  and they will relocate the market from time to time. 
Stall sites are the property of the market however it is the vendors responsibility to maintain and decorate their stall site including all signage.
Stallholders placement within the market is not fixed and can be altered to suite the landscape variables and power access.
Change in business ownership must be communicated to Market Management.
All stallholders require public and products liability cover of $5m minimum.

Compliance is not market management’s responsibility.

The appropriate licences and approved stall setup are required for selling or sampling food. The legislation requires temporary food businesses to be licensed by Council, who will monitor the standard of your businesses against the Food Act 2006 and Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Packaged goods such as, cereals, biscuits, jams, pickles etc and some primary produce must be labelled as per legislative guidelines and requirements. See industry/labelling/pages/default.aspx

Correct calibration of scales in accordance with Trade Measurement Laws is the responsibility of the stallholder. See Trade-measurement-laws

The public must not have access into your stall at any time. Ground cover must be used for all food stalls.
Food and drinks for sale need to agree with the theme of the stall. The sale of commercial drinks requires management approval.

Access to power is strictly by approval only.
All electrical appliances and cords must be tested and tagged by a qualified electrical contractor in accordance with Queensland Electrical Safety Regulations 2002 and subsequent amendments.
Stall Holders with higher power needs e.g. cooking/refrigeration appliances should connect using a suitable ‘earth leakage protection device’.
Double adaptors are not permitted for commercial usage under any circumstance.
Non-compliance may invalidate your insurance and cause risk of serious harm to the public, your employees and yourself.
Extension leads must not present a trip-hazard and must be covered. Excess cords must be coiled safely within the stall and not accessible to the public.
Ensure leads do not sit in ponds of water and that connections are waterproof.

Stallholders to supply their own market equipment - gazebo, weights, tables etc.
Gazebos/umbrellas must be weighted down and or tethered so they are secured from fierce winds. No weights, no stall no refund.
Umbrellas must use a weighted base with the umbrella attached.
A-frame and general signage must be weighted down or appropriately tethered to the marquee/table.  A-frames are not permitted without approval by Market Management.  Management accepts no responsibility for damage that may occur to any property for any reason whatsoever.

Stallholders are required to remove their own rubbish and waste.
Waste bins are supplied for the general public and are not for stallholders generated waste. Contaminated waste water MUST be taken offsite for disposal.
Cooking Oil MUST be taken offsite for disposal.
If the Market Management becomes a waste removal service then it will have to charge a fee which we do not want to impose.
Market Management reserves the right to use stallholder images and/or photos which may contain images of the stallholder and/or their produce for promotional purposes. Market Management encourage the re-sharing of all Racecourse Markets social media posted content as this will encourage the growth of the market.  
Act with respect, courtesy and dignity at all times. You are the best advertisement for the market and your business.
Interact with the fellow stallholders, Market Management and general public in a courteous manner. Work safely and ensure the safety of others.
Strive to contribute to an honest, unbiased and positive market environment. Lewd or offensive language or behaviour will lead to dismissal.

The Market Manager has the right to withhold or cancel an approval to a stallholder to trade at the market; or to remove or have removed from the market a stallholder who is in breach of the market rules and code of conduct. This is including but not limited to, where a stallholder:
 * Fails to pay their stall fee in a timely manner;
 * Fails to comply with its obligation relating to vehicle and traffic control; 
 * Fails to abide by the market’s set up or pack up conditions;
 * Fails to abide by the market’s trading hours;
 * Commits a criminal act at the market;
 * Behaves in a manner that the Market  Manager considers is inappropriate or may bring the market into disrepute.

Market Management has the right to undertake any of the following actions without notice:
 * Re-locate a stallholder to another site within the location;
 * Require the stallholder to remove from sale any good or service offered by the stallholder which are not Approved Products;
 * Request that the stallholder undertake any reasonable measure which in the opinion of the market management will improve the safety or appearance of the stall.
 * Request unsafe practices of equipment be immediately made safe.
The Stallholder is liable for and indemnifies the Gold Coast Turf Club and Starspec Pty Ltd against liability
or loss arising from, and cost incurred in connection with:-
(1) damage, loss, injury or death caused or contributed to by the act, negligence or
default of the stallholder or of the stallholder’s employees and agents; and
(2) the Gold Coast Turf Club and Starspec Pty Ltd doing anything which the stallholder must do but has not
done or which the Gold Coast Turf Club and Starspec Pty Ltd considers the stallholder has not done properly.

The stallholder releases the Gold Coast Turf Club and Starspec Pty Ltd from, and agrees that the Gold Coast
Turf Club and Starspec Pty Ltd is not liable for, liability or loss arising from, and cost incurred in
connection with:-
(1) damage, loss, injury or death unless it is caused by the negligence of the Lessor or
its employees or agents;
(2) anything the Gold Coast Turf Club and Starspec Pty Ltd is permitted or required to do; and
(3) a service or utility not being available, being interrupted or not working properly;

Stallholders should email in the first event and phone in an emergency 0417728844

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